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Nissan Patrol Royale



The Nissan Patrol is a series of large four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by Nissan in Japan since 1951. The Patrol is generally regarded as a tough and utilitarian 4×4 in Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean. The Sixth Generation of Safari is known in the Philippines as the Nissan Patrol Royale.


The Nissan Patrol Royale is an expression of richly crafted Luxury with its alluring infiniti-inspired interiors designed for premium comfort. The leather front seats have a fine textured leather fitted with an 8-way power driver’s seat with lumbar adjustment and 4-way controls. Innovative Curtain Vents keep the heat from penetrating the cabin, maintaining a cool temperature for best ride even in hot weather condition.


Royale by its name signifies luxury. The high grade leather, exquisitely crafted wood panel, chrome trims, and soft leather-wrapped power-tilt steering wheel with audio and cruise controls are the proof of elegance and refinement.


Drivers can easily peek at the chrome-framed fine vision electro luminescent gauges. Also, an intelligent key gives a convenient use. The Nissan intelligent key remotely locks and opens the doors and tailgate and remembers up to two personalized functions.


A simple push of a button will automatically switch on the ignition and rev up the machine.


The home theater experience with Patrol Royale’s two 7-inch monitors configured for individual use, DVD player and game consoled is a different riding experience for passengers. It has two sets of IR wireless headphone and remote control for a personalized multimedia enjoyment. Occupants can listen to hundreds of their favorite songs on Royale’s deluxe sound system while on the road.


The exterior gives a bold but elegant look with the Chrome Accents on door handles, window frame and side air intake vents. An angled-strut motif front grille meticulously designed for the perfect amalgamation of ruggedness and sophistication.


The Nissan Patrol Royale is an extraordinary off-road performer with a class-leading 5.6L V8 engine with a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode. Paired with 20” wheels and an approach angle, urban and rough terrain driving is a convenient travel.


There are amazing features about the Patrol Royale. Hill Descent Control (HDC) automatically adjusts the speed and brake pressure to keep you going at a controlled speed when going down steep or slippery slopes. Hill Start Assist (HAS) on the other hand, enables the traction to climb upwards even from a full stop position while preventing sudden slippage, on steep inclines.


In terms of safety, this vehicle was equipped with driver and front passenger supplemental and roof-mounted curtain 6 SRS Airbag systems.


Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) automatically prevents the vehicle from sliding sideways on slippery road surfaces when changing lanes or taking sharp curves. Traction Control System (TCS) senses traction loss and eliminated wheel spin, particularly on sandy roads.


Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS) provides traction using sensors from ABS, transferring power from a slipping wheel to a wheel with more traction. The Electronic Brakeforce distribution (EBD) has an advanced braking control system that automatically senses load and optimizes rear brake force to control front and rear brake distribution for better braking.


Safety for occupants is the Nissan’s Innovation that Excites. Drive test the New Nissan Patrol Royale on our nearest dealership now and find out what this luxury vehicle can offer.