General Repair Jobs

Nissan secures its customers from worries whenever car problems occur. It guarantees vehicle operation under certain condition. You may see your warranty booklet to check for details how the warranty is met. As set out under the NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY PERIOD, repair services and replacement of any parts on the vehicle would be answered by Nissan provided that the defective materials are subject to the terms and condition under the warranty period. Please also take note of the items that are not covered under the section ‘WHAT IS NOT COVERED.’

The new vehicle warranty period starts from the first date of vehicle registration or put into service whichever comes first. The period covers three years and the mileage travel of 100,000km.

Rest assured that all vehicles delivered are conditioned and inspected in compliance to Nissan’s new vehicle pre-delivery inspection procedure. For repairs and replacement, services are provided for free by any authorized Nissan dealer or nominated Nissan outlet.

The following is the partial list of condition that does not apply in the warranty:

1. All tires and batteries are subject to a separate warranty

2. Unauthorized use of any non-genuine Nissan parts, accessories and equipment which causes the damage does not apply in the warranty covered by Nissan.

3. Normal tear and wear

4. Damage or failures resulting from use of non-recommended, improper or dirty fuel, fluid, oil or lubricant

5. Misuse of the product.